Make Your Own Box

Make Your Own Box

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Mama Nose care package for your little bundle of joy! Make your own box consist of 4 packs of diaper packs of any size. Stock up for upcoming months or if you haven’t tried these diapers, order different sizes to find the perfect fit for your baby. Mama Nose diapers are ultra-absorbent super soft for every baby bum.

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Becoming a new parent is the most exciting feeling, yet it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right diapers for them. With Mama Nose make your own box this step does not need to be a part of any chaos.

Our box allows parents to order a pack of harmful chemical-free and ultra-absorbent diapers for their precious little ones.

Mama Nose the secret to…


Why bamboo?

Mama Nose chose bamboo as the core ingredient in the production of the eco-friendly disposable diapers, because of its uncountable benefits for babies as well as the environment.

Non-woven bamboo in our diapers is gentle on the delicate skin of babies. It is ultra-absorbent which is why it whisks away the moisture quickly and traps it to keep the babies dry for a long time. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial in nature, hence it prevents babies from any rashes or other bacterial infections. The ultra-breathable back sheet allows the air to circulate and keeps the baby comfortable. 

Not only this, bamboo contributes to a healthy environment as it is 100% biodegradable. It is a low maintenance crop that regenerates quickly without extra help from fertilizers and manure. Moreover, it has a lower carbon footprint when compared to other materials that are usually used to construct mainstream products. That is why bamboo is the best choice for healthy babies & a healthier planet!


Ultra-absorbent diapers

Mama Nose Pant Diapers are super absorbent due to the wicking abilities of bamboo used to craft them. The eco-friendly diapers have a top and bottom sheet of non-woven bamboo along with 7 watertight layers of a core made of bamboo pulp. It traps the moisture and gives 12 hours of protection to babies. 

These diapers undergo independent testing under the supervision of dermatologists and the derma test seal affirms it.

How to use it?

To wear, pull up the diaper pants & keep the logo on the front. Adjust if needed, to ensure a comfortable fit.

To remove the diaper, tear from both the sides & pull them down.

To dispose of the diaper, roll it as tightly as possible and discard it into a waste bin. Do not flush the diaper down the toilet.

Child Safety Precaution

Anything that babies are able to grab, will be headed towards their mouth. Mam Nose advises you to keep the diaper bags away from them and make sure you do not allow them to tear the diapers. To avoid choking or suffocation, dispose of torn or unsealed diapers right away.


Biodegradable Bamboo Pant Diaper for every tiny tot!

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The best for every baby!

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What is Make Your Own Box?

Make your own box helps you to customize your choice of diaper packs and find the best fit for your child. For each box you can select 4 diapers of any size.

Why should you choose to Make your own box?

You get the benefit of choosing whichever 4 sizes diaper you want and add it to your cart.

What is the difference between a trial box and Make your own box?

When ordering a trial box, you get one diaper pack of any size whereas Make your own box offers you the comfort to customize your own box of 4 diaper packs.

How much does Mama Nose charge for shipping?

Our shipping policy is bound to be light on your pockets because we offer shipping at a minimum amount of 10$ on all orders, and the rest of the shipping cost is borne by Mama Nose because every customer deserves benefits.