What are Mama Nose diapers made of?

Our diaper pants are made of plant extracts and bio-based materials. The extremely absorbent base is made of non-woven bamboo fiber & the diaper also has an aloe extract-based liner that acts as a natural moisturizer.

Where are the diapers manufactured?

Mama Nose is a family-owned Australian Business. Our diapers are made of materials purchased from Germany, Finland, the United States, China, Korea, and Japan. They are being assembled in The People’s Republic of China.

We engage Bureau VERITAS Global Leader Inspection organization for Workmanship check, Function Check, Contract product quality check, and Conformity Check before shipment to Australia. 

Are the diapers tested by dermatologists?

Mama Nose diaper pants undergo a series of vigorous tests and trials by dermatest, a world leading research institute in Germany specializing in skin patch testing. It has been confirmed by dermatologists that MamaNose nappies are certified with excellence. MamaNose has passed the test with the highest test results.

Is Mama Nose eco-friendly?

Yes, Mama Nose Our diapers are made of non-woven bamboo fiber & even the packaging is paper-based.

How to dispose of Mama Nose diaper pants?

Wrap the diaper as tightly as possible and discard it in the dustbin.

Do not flush the diapers in the toilet.

What does the trial box consist of?

The trial box consists of a diaper pack of your choice.  A pack of any size for your little one.

What does the sticker on the diaper pants indicate?

The panda sticker is located at the front of the diaper.

When should you get a bigger size trial pack for your baby?

If the elastic band is tight on your baby’s waist or when the front waistband sets below your baby’s belly button, it indicates the size is small for your baby. Hence, switch to a bigger size.

Do Mama Nose diapers have a wetness indicator?

Yes, Mama Nose diapers help parents to know when their baby needs a change with the help of a wetness indicator.

Are there any child precautions?

Anything that babies are able to grab, will be headed towards their mouth. My mama & papa will advise you to keep the diaper bags away from them and make sure you do not allow them to tear the diapers. To avoid choking or suffocation, dispose of torn or unsealed diapers right away.

Are the diapers as well as the packaging flushable?

Though the diapers are made of bamboo and 61% components will biodegrade in a span of 75days. But still, Mama Nose is working to achieve the highest compostable percentage. So, it is strongly advised to not flush the diapers or even the packaging (which is made of paper) and dispose of them in the general rubbish.

What is Make Your Own Box?

Make your own box helps you to customize your choice of diaper packs and find the best fit for your child. For each box you can select 4 diapers of any size.

Why should you choose to Make your own box?

You get the benefit of choosing whichever 4 sizes diaper you want and add it to your cart.

What is the difference between a trial box and Make your own box?

When ordering a trial box, you get one diaper pack of any size whereas Make your own box offers you the comfort to customize your own box of 4 diaper packs.

How much does Mama Nose charge for shipping?

Our shipping policy is bound to be light on your pockets because we offer shipping at a minimum amount of 10$ on all orders, and the rest of the shipping cost is borne by Mama Nose because every customer deserves benefits.