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It’s no accident that the name sounds like “Mama knows” because she does! That is why we know what is right for every baby, parent and Mama Earth as well. 

We receive love from parents all across the world as it checks all the boxes for them and gives them what they want for their babies. It is this trust that makes Mama Nose baby essentials one of the best baby products in the market.

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Introducing to you, the creator of Mama Nose baby essentials, Maunish Patel & Trusha Patel. 

As parents themselves, this Australian-Indian couple wanted to craft entertaining yet eco-friendly toys for the most special members of every family-the BABIES! But in the year 2020, they decided to make babies smile with super soft & safe baby essentials. 

They named the brand Mama Nose, as they were inspired by the symbol of true love & care, a mama rubbing noses with their little one.




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Trusha Patel

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